About Us

Radiant Chemical (Pvt.) Ltd. is engaged in providing water treatment products for boilers, cooling towers, chillers and generators; reverse osmosis systems, ion exchange resins and technical support services to various industries. The company was established in 1991 and since then has obtained a large clientele base.

We know water and when customers of industrial water treatment choose to purchase our products, we understand that what they’re really investing in is the service and relationship that Radiant’s experts provide. We know how to keep your operations flowing so that you can focus on what is critical to you – your customers, your business objectives and your bottom line. Our field personnel approach their business as a partnership, providing customers with water treatment services that maximize system effectiveness through a unique combination of outstanding service, high quality products and superior technical expertise.

Our Aim

The goal of Radiant is to work with its customers to find ways to reduce perating  costs and provide  maximum  return on your chemical investment. Radiant’s  leadership  in the market has been achieved by satisfying today’s needs and anticipating tomorrow’s problems. The company’s performance in the market is backed by its dedication and commitment to offering the best quality and service.

Our Team:

A team of qualified staff members to provide on-site technical support services and monitor systems closely to prevent corrosion, scale deposition and biological growth in various systems such as boilers, cooling towers, closed circuits and RO plants.

What We Offer?

Radiant Chemical (Pvt.) Ltd. has a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals for providing technical support services to its customers. We keep ourselves up-to-date on industry advances to meet the ever diversifying needs of customers. The Company is committed in meeting its customer’s needs and providing them the highest quality of service and product satisfaction.

The key to achieving trouble-free operations through the prevention of water related problems is through a Radiant representative. The representative will act as your consultant, problem-solver and on-site expert. We offer support services that include operator training, system start-up, regular analytical testing, trouble-shooting and reporting.

Our expertise in industrial water treatment chemicals, equipments and technical services means we are committed to providing outstanding products and services that fulfill your water treatment and processing requirements.

Our Partners