Water Treatment Equipment

Ultrafiltration Plants

Ultrafiltration is a low-pressure membrane process used to remove bacteria, viruses, and particulate matter from water.

Ultrafiltration has larger pores and high permeability with less osmotic effects that allows ultrafiltration to operate at relatively lower pressure than reverse osmosis thus reducing its operating cost.

Ultrafiltration is widely used in industry as pretreatment for other forms of purification such as ion exchange and reverse osmosis, sugar clarification in the food and beverage industry, and production of ultrapure water.

Hollow fiber configuration is widely used in the ultrafiltration processes. The benefit of this construction is that it allows for backwashing of the membrane when the filtrate or product flow rate has decreased due to accumulation of material on the membrane.

Applications of Ultrafiltration

  • Drinking Water
  • RO Pretreatment
  • Process Water
  • Purification of surface and well water for portable applications
  • Wastewater recycle and reuse

Advantages of UF over Conventional Media Filtration

  • Improved product water quality
  • Product SDI < 2.5
  • Removal of virus, and bacteria
  • Removal of microbiological matter
  • Removal of colloidal matter
  • Improvement of downstream Reverse Osmosis (RO) performance
  • Consistently treated water quality irrespective of changes in feed water quality

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