Water Treatment

Closed Circuit Chemicals

Without effective water treatment corrosion products and fouling can build up in closed circuits impairing flow and heat transfer.

To ensure that closed circuit systems are well maintained and can overcome these problems Radiant has a wide range of products for chilled water systems, water cooled compressors and hot water systems. Our closed loop water treatment products include a range of corrosion inhibitors, biocides, scale and rust removers, bio-dispersants and cleaners.

  • Engine Coolants & Corrosion Inhibitors
  • HVAC/ Water Cooled Compressor Chemical


This product is a corrosion protection concentrate that is free of mineral oils. It has been developed for long-term use in engine cooling systems. The product is approved for use in Jenbacher engines.


CORACON BL 6 is a new development corrosion protection concentrate without any mineral oils, nitrites, or silicates and is secondary amine free. Because of that it is ecologic friendly. It generates a stable protective film, which is ideally suited for use in engine test stands and for standstill conservation of drained engines and systems. It is suitable also for long term use in engines made of aluminium alloys. It shows excellent compatibility with elastomers (seals). Mixable also with glycols. Approved for use on MWM and Jenbacher engines.


COOL TREAT NCLT is a nitrite, borate and organics based corrosion inhibitor suitable for all types of engines and other closed re-circulating water systems. The product has approvals from major engine manufacturers such as MAN Diesel and Wartsila.

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