Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaner

FPturbo+truboklogoWater based, triple surfactant system detergent cleaner for off-line and on-line washing of gas turbine engine compressors. Turbo-K® compressor cleaner is manufactured to fully conform to the requirements and purity specifications of the following gas turbine engine manufacturers and/or institutions:

Gas Turbine Image - Turbo -K

Gas Turbine OEM Refer to (comments)
ALSTOM Power (ABB), Switzerland OEM approval of 2000.06.26
Centrax Non-objection of 2004.06.21 & ISL-102 (2005.02.14)
Dresser Rand OEM approval of 2000.07.05
General Electric Aircraft Engines (GEAE) Based on compliance to MIL-PRF-85704C
General Electric IAD (GE LM Engines)   OEM approval of 2000.01.31
General Electric Power Systems OEM approvals of 2001.09.12 & 2002.03.22
Hitachi (Certificate of Conformity)
Kawasaki (Certificate of Conformity)
MAN Turbo (GHH BORSIG) OEM approval of 2000.03.30
Mitsubishi (Certificate of Conformity)
Pratt & Whitney OEM approval of 2002.01.22
Pratt & Whitney Canada OEM letter of 1999.07.15
Rolls-Royce, UK (general approval) OEM pass to MSRR 9914 of 2000.08.23
Rolls-Royce, USA (Allison engines) OEM approval of 2000.09.07, ISL-102 (2005.02.14)
Siemens Power Generation OEM approval of 1999.10.06
Siemens (former ABB STAL), Sweden OEM approval of 2000.08.22
Siemens (former ALSTOM), England OEM approval of 1999.07.27
Siemens-Westinghouse Lab analysis confirmation of 2004.02.20 (user to verify compliance with total contaminants)
Solar Turbines OEM approval of 1999.06.11 and 2005.03.07
Toshiba (Certificate of Conformity)
Turbomeca (Certificate of Conformity)
US Military, Mil-PRF-85704C SMI report of 1999.10.29
Vericor (Allied Signal) (Certificate of Conformity)