Boiler Chemicals

Providing boiler feedwater, internal and condensate treatment chemicals to control corrosion, sludge and scale deposition. Radiant offers innovative boiler water treatment solutions for various boiler applications. Our focus is on key customer concerns such as corrosion, scale and condensate return and as the needs of our customers can vary, we have the ability to tailor water treatment programs to suit your specific needs.


(Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger)

Radiant-150 DH is a catalyzed liquid oxygen scavenger and metal passivator designed to protect the boiler and feed water system from oxygen attack. It is recommended for use in medium and high-pressure steam boilers.


(Oxygen Scavenger)

Radiant-200 is a fast acting oxygen scavenger, used to control corrosion in boilers. It reduces dissolved oxygen before the water reaches high temperature metal. It prevents corrosion and pitting in the boiler.


(Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger)

Radiant-210 is a free flowing crystalline powder composed of a blend of sulfite and a catalyst. It is designed for the rapid and complete removal of oxygen from the boiler feed water.


(Oxygen Scavenger & Scale Inhibitor)

Radiant-250 (L) is a multi-component liquid formulation designed to prevent corrosion and scale deposition in steam boilers. Designed for use in small boiler systems.


(Oxygen Scavenger & Scale Inhibitor)

Radiant-270 is designed to prevent corrosion and scale deposition inside the boiler.


(Condensate Corrosion Inhibitor)

Radiant-350 is a corrosion inhibitor for steam condensate systems. It quickly neutralizes the corrosive action of carbon dioxide and other acidic components in the condensate. It is especially effective in complex systems where steam pressure may become quite low before final condensation is achieved.


(Sludge Conditioner)

Radiant-500 is a sludge conditioner. This product is formulated to disperse precipitating solids so that a non-adherent sludge tends to be formed.


(Sludge Conditioner & Dispersant)

Radiant-600 controls boiler deposits by keeping in suspension more of the harmful foulants that can accumulate on boiler tubes. It is a superior inorganic particulate dispersant, especially for iron oxide.


(Scale Inhibitor & Sludge Conditioner)

Radiant-1050 is designed to prevent scale deposition and to disperse sludge deposits in the boiler. The polymer in the product controls boiler deposits by keeping in suspension more of the harmful foulants that can accumulate on boiler tubes


(Scale Inhibitor)

Radiant-1000 is a phosphate based product designed to prevent scale deposition in boilers.